Placement production unit

Our high end listings attract the most powerful audience worldwide, reaching with our feed more than 50,000 websites in 50 languages. We learned this after our firm successfully delivered Porsche Design Tower, Trump Towers, Residences by Armani-Casa and now upcoming Bentley Tower.

We are putting together our own workgroup production unit, with award winning top professionals to assist our sellers and also open the opportunity to high end brands that understand business, to better expose their products online thru our listings.

A Fernando Pettineroli production.

Film, animation and photograph
Award winning director Carlos Lascano.

Aerial unit:
Daniel Arribillaga

Art curator:
Melanie Werner, AXIOM Fine Art & Consulting.

3D imaging:
Joyce Torres

Trademarks specialist:


Interior Designers:

Michael Wolk
Andriza Leite
Omar Lopez de Marquez

Local bank services by
International bank services by

Terrestrial services by

Air services by

Hotel services by

All listings are exclusively provided by Fernando Pettineroli, listing agent, Dezer Platinum Realty LLC, Broker.